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Get Involved in Your Child’s Sports Activities With These Budget-Friendly Tips 

By Marty Schupak | July 27, 2022

Colleen Stewart is our guest columnist and the author of this article.     Supporting your child’s interests can have a profound positive effect on them well into adulthood, which is why getting involved early on is important. Participating in team sports can be beneficial for kids of all ages, boosting their self-esteem and helping…

Interference vs. Obstruction

By Marty Schupak | July 15, 2022

In this Schupak Sports episode, Marty goes through the difference between interference vs. obstruction. Also he covers a dynamic 1st & 3rd defensive drill and a hitting drill that will extend at bats. Classic trivia and more! Go to: Schupak Sports YouTube episode

Tee Ball Drills For 3-4 Year Olds

By Marty Schupak | July 8, 2022

Parents who have loved baseball and softball their whole life may be anxious to expose their 3 or 4 year old kids to either sport. In this Schupak Sports YouTube episode, Marty discusses drills for 3 & 4 year olds. Can baseball skills be taught? Why are some kids ahead in their development than others?…

My T-Ball Team Won’t Listen To Me! 

By Marty Schupak | July 4, 2022

 You may be the best leader and motivator on this planet, but things don’t always run according to your plans. As a coach, you may have been in a situation that you go out to the field to start a practice. For whatever reason, all 12 players are in the same mind set of not…

Baseball Gloves: Breaking In New Ones! 

By Marty Schupak | June 8, 2022

“The sounds, the smells. Did you ever hold a ball or a glove to your face?”            Ray Liotta aș Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams      Some major league baseball players have used the same gloves for years. This, despite having lucrative contracts with glove companies that provide freebies…

T-Ball Coachs’ To Do List! 

By Marty Schupak | April 3, 2022

  When a parent becomes a t-ball coach, mostly it is usually the first time they dip their toe coaching a youth sports team. Some will take to it right away; others will struggle as to what needs to be done. Here are ten things all new t-ball coaches should do from an organizational standpoint.…

Player, Team & League Development In Youth Baseball 

By Marty Schupak | March 17, 2022

 Player development in youth baseball can also be part of team and league development. Years ago when I first became manager of the 9 & 10 year olds in our league, it was a rude awakening. This particular league was the first real competitive league for me, full with playoffs and an All Star team.…

Baserunning Is Still Underrated In Baseball 

By Marty Schupak | February 20, 2022

  On April 13, 2019 Angels’ Justin Bour got a hit on a liner down the right field line. He rounded first with a wide turn but went back and the throw from right fielder Ben Zobrist hit off of Bour’s foot. Bour got up and tried for second. Catcher Wilson Contreras hustled down the…

     T-Ball Practice Structure 

By Marty Schupak | February 11, 2022

 This article will address what a typical t-ball practice may look like. Everything is a suggestion and the head coach should have his practice written out before ever taking the field. With all the modern technologies available to us such as smart phones, i-pads etc. my choice to have my practices written out has always…

Hitting Techniques Simplified

By Marty Schupak | December 27, 2021

 One thing I learned in my 25 years coaching youth baseball is that there is no perfect way to coach hitters. I never considered myself an expert at teaching young 7-12 year-old ball players the most refined hitting techniques. The most success I’ve had with improving hitters’ techniques is when I didn’t over coach them.…

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