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Catcher’s Equipment And It’s Inventors

By Marty Schupak | December 12, 2021

    If you ever attend a national baseball or softball convention, one interesting part of it is the display tables. Besides the large companies that manufacture pitching machines, batting cages, bats and more are the smaller tables with the individual entrepreneurs. Your heart has to go out to these people who are trying to…

Fall Baseball Should Be A Learning League

By Marty Schupak | October 23, 2021

  When I began coaching my kids in youth baseball, I could not wait for the next season to start. It was only two years into my coaching career that I suggested starting a Fall league while I was on the board of directors. I learnt quickly that being part of any decision making group,…

Baseball Switch Hitting Is Disappearing

By Marty Schupak | October 7, 2021

  Growing up in New York I began a love affair with baseball that has not stopped. There were a combination of influences. My grandfather was a huge baseball fan. He lived and died first with the Brooklyn Dodgers and then the New York Mets. I was at his apartment in Brooklyn every Sunday either…

Branch Rickey, Breaking The Color Barrier And Baseball Innovator

By Marty Schupak | October 2, 2021

  Branch Rickey was a baseball player and executive who is probably best remembered for breaking the color barrier signing Jackie Robinson. This was his greatest feat but if you look closely at the man himself, it is incredible what an innovator he was. Rickey was born in Portsmouth Ohio. After high school he went…

Baseball Coaches’ To Do List!

By Marty Schupak | September 30, 2021

When legendary football coach Bill Parcells was once asked if he was ready when he was appointed head coach of the New York Giants, he responded, “No one is ever really ready for the task of coaching an NFL franchise.” This is a professional league that has only 32 jobs. I would never compare becoming…

Baseball Drills And Games You Never Saw Before!

By Marty Schupak | September 9, 2021

  Lacrosse coaches love both you and I! They love us because they know that our best players are one boring practice, one boring week or one boring season away from tossing their gloves for lacrosse sticks. Baseball has been at a crossroads for a few years now. In the past, a lot of talented…

Burnout In Youth Sports

By Marty Schupak | August 27, 2021

  Burnout in youth sports is a threat to the physical and mental stamina of young athletes.As competitive youth athletics engages younger participants each year, the threat of, both, physical and mental burnout in young players grows more imminent. Over involvement in competitive leagues has long-term consequences for kids, if after the first 12 years…

To Throw A Curve Or Not To Throw A Curve

By Marty Schupak | August 22, 2021

 I plead guilty, but guilty with an explanation. I told my star pitcher before the game, who is also on a travel team, not to throw more than 6 curve balls in the game. My decision was based on the fact that the team we were playing had two really powerful hitters, two of the…

Who Invented Tee Ball?

By Marty Schupak | August 19, 2021

  On May 6, 2001, the Capitol City League Rockies and the Satchel Paige League Memphis Red Sox from the Washington, D.C. area took the field to play each other in a tee ball game. What made this tee ball game different from any other game was the fact that it took place on the…

Who Really Invented Baseball?

By Marty Schupak | August 14, 2021

 When I sat down to write this article I couldn’t help but remember a movie I saw a few years back called Flash Of Genius. It is a story of a man who had invented a form of the Intermittent Windshield Wiper that is used today. The short of it is that he spent his entire…

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