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Second Baseman Must Back Up Wild Pitches/Passed Balls!

By Marty Schupak | March 24, 2021

 When I do my youth baseball coaching clinics around the country, I always end it with a question and answer session. I try to answer every question I can and if I can’t answer a technical question let’s say on a baseball skill, I will tell the audience that I’m not 100% qualified to answer…

Team Parents Meeting: A Must Have For The Youth Sports Coach

By Marty Schupak | March 20, 2021

 I am fortunate to go around the country each year running a youth baseball coach’s clinic. A small part of my 90-minute presentation covers the importance of running a parents meeting prior to each season. Whenever I follow-up with the organization on how they liked the clinic, I always get the same response. The coaches…

Teach Obstruction To Your Little League Team

By Marty Schupak | March 17, 2021

  I have followed sports my whole life. I have been fortunate to witness in person or on television some of the most historical games played in the last fifty years. I have always thought it almost amazing when a hit, basketball shot, or long pass in football occurs that the officials or umpires are…

Teach Interference To Your Little League Team

By Marty Schupak | March 14, 2021

  The short story I’m about to tell really has nothing to do with interference but it has something to do with not knowing the rules. A number of years ago my team was in the playoffs. We were involved in a real close one run game. Very late in the game, we had a…

Who Says Must Kids Everything With Two Hands!

By Marty Schupak | March 7, 2021

  I have been fortunate to have known a lot of coaches in all sports. I was attending a high school playoff basketball game that was going down to the wire. The coach I knew, his team was down by one point at the end of the game. With a few seconds left, one of…

Infielders Toss Overhand On Short Throws

By Marty Schupak | March 1, 2021

 This article is from Marty Schupak’s best selling book: 44 Baseball Mistakes & Corrections     When you see a great point guard in basketball it is a beautiful thing to watch. On a fast break, most have excellent peripheral vision and can see the whole court. On most plays they know exactly when to…

Too Many Travel Teams Can Be Detrimental To Kids!

By Marty Schupak | February 23, 2021

  Right now we are seeing some positive signs that the Covid pandemic may be finally flattening. After this past year it’s only natural that parents and children are now anxious to get out of their homes and back to their old lives.  Often this means getting their kids involved in as many activities as they…

Four Things Coaches Should Practice But Don’t!

By Marty Schupak | February 20, 2021

It is amazing how youth baseball teams, as well as older and more competitive organized leagues, do not practice many of the basic fundamental aspects of the game. From my standpoint, the reason I practice certain things other coaches may not is because I’ve been burned by other teams and have lost games and championships…


By Marty Schupak | February 17, 2021

  It has always amazed me how tee ball coaches approach teaching their players the skill of catching fly balls. They will have their players, ages five and six, take turns while coaches will either hit or throw soft covered balls to them. And of course it is inevitable that one or more kids will…


By Marty Schupak | February 10, 2021

  I look upon rundowns in youth baseball differently from most other youth coaches. Too many times I have seen in games I’m involved in or games I am observing, opposing coaches instruct their team on a rundown that if they cannot get the out right away, then run the baserunner back to the base…

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